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ELD Mandate: Update

ELD Mandate: Update The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has extended the exemption for agricultural commodities and livestock haulers to comply with the ELD Mandate (Electronic Logging Device Mandate) until the end of the fiscal year –September 30, 2018. This most recent action comes after two previous extensions. These extensions of the enforcement of the ELD Mandate on livestock and insect haulers shows that our voices are being heard by lawmakers. While this is a step forward in the right direction, we are seeking total ELD Mandate exemption as well as much needed changes in the Hours of Service and Commercial Driver’s License requirements. We are proud of the efforts everyone has been making to pull together with a common voice. We need to continue to make our voices heard. As a part of this, Protect the Harvest has been working directly with Vice President Pence to resolve these issues. Keep updated on the progress of this effort to protect our lifestyle.

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